Thonet Style Rocking Chair
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Thonet Style Rocking Chair

Thonet inspired rocking chair, from the early 20th century and have belonged to celebrated artists such as Picasso is in great condition.

Michael Thonet(1796 – 1871) was a German-Austrian furniture maker and the inventor of bentwood furniture. He used steam to relax wooden fibers in planks which were then shaped with iron rails to achieve the rounded and organic designs. Wood cured with that technology was stronger and and fast to produce, which made Thonet furniture hugely popular during the late 19th and early 20th century. Thonet's technology marks an important leap in furniture making on an industrial scale. His most popular, No. 14 chair was designed at a time when both design aesthetics and the role of the bistro were evolving.

W: 19.5

D: 20

H: 41

$ 500.00 USD