Teak Nesting Tables
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Teak Nesting Tables

1970's nestling tables (three) are in great condition.

Nesting tables were first made in the late 18th Century by Thomas Sheraton, the English cabinet maker. The first ones were made of satinwood or mahogany, later ones of papier-mache, Chinese-style lacquer and other types of finishes. Nesting tables were made in sets of three or four tables. The modern version was designed by Bauhaus master Josef Albers while serving as the artistic director of the furniture workshop from 1926-1927. Albers conceived the Nesting Tables for private clients incorporating his logic and passion for color that were applied to his nesting tables.

W: 16.54

D: 16.54

H: 19.69

$ 300.00 USD
$ 500.00 USD