Oak Swivel Glass Coffee Table
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Oak Swivel Glass Coffee Table


This table is amazing! It features three tiered surfaces to set your items on. The bottom is a fixed surface perfect for a small storage basket to hold remotes, book etc. The top two section can rotate 360 degrees to create the perfect configuration.The table extends out when both sections are rotated, one can go sideways to be a better surface while you sit for work or eating. We love the visual look of the staggered heights on each surface.The bottom sits steadily flat on the cross brace bottom legs. The glass is removable to clean etc. Overall we love the sleek midcentury modern meets 80's design. Both functional and visually interesting, this piece captures it all.

L: 33.75

W: 33.75

H: 17.25

Shelving heights:

Shortest: 5

Highest: 8

$ 1,000.00 USD