Brutalist Mosaic End Tables
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Brutalist Mosaic End Tables


Stunning mid-century brutalist end tables are made by the world-renowned Lane Furniture Company from Altavista, Virginia. The bold, carved front is sure to make a statement in any room.

H: 22

W: 28

D: 17

About Brutalist Design

The brutalist design was born among the debris of World War II. For a while, it was a matter of survival – to rapidly rebuild cities, to provide affordable homes for families assaulted by poverty. Then, the pioneers of brutalist architecture started to design more tempered brutalist buildings, yet made of raw concrete and building. That would become our beloved with A-List exemplars  In the meantime, some disgust was developed around brutalist architecture, especially in the Eastern world. It was associated with poverty and oppression rather than pragmatism.

Fortunately, a new century began and a generation of artists, architects, designers, and techies started to recognize the historical value of brutalist architecture. This new generation of creatives brings back the best of brutalist design. In brutalist architecture, brutalist interior design, brutalist furniture, and even brutalist web design, pragmatism, organicism, clean lines, and raw materials reign. Source: Hommes Studio

$ 4,000.00 USD