Brutalist Mirror
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Brutalist Mirror

Brutalist mirror featured here in a dark brown color is in great condition.

Brutalist design is a design style that emerged in the post-World War II era. This design style is predominant in architecture. As a matter of fact, most people associate brutalist design with brutalist architecture. This is due to the “monstrous” buildings made from concrete to provide housing for people after the devastation and poverty that resulted from the war. This is why brutalist design became hated in the late 70s – it was associated with poverty, urban decay and soviet regimes. Nevertheless, brutalist design dominates our contemporary design era. Brutalist design is represented by industrial materials such as wood, glass, steel, brass, and brick. In terms of shapes and forms, brutalist design is either organic – with rough and unpolished textures – or extremely minimal and streamlined, caring for function over anything else.

H: 83

W: 19

D: 55

$ 300.00 USD
$ 800.00 USD